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Silk Dye

These are usually done from drawings done from one of my small sketchbook drawings, or photographs that I have taken myself. The paintings are drawn direct onto stretched silk. Pale background dye colours are applied first and then the painting is built up using gutta or melted wax as a resist. When I think that the painting is complete I place it flat between old newspaper and then roll it into a cylinder and secure it. The cylinder containing the silk is then rolled into a snail shape and secured with tape. This has a foil 'hat' or cap put on to prevent the package getting wet and it is placed on a metal basket in a pressure cooker and steam fixed. Steam fixed silks have a vibrant luminous quality which reminds one of the rich colours of a stained glass window.

Daisies and Poppies

Silk dye on silk

Blue Storm Sky

Silk dye on silk

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