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Bassett in the Boardroom?

My art hangs on walls in homes throughout the UK and beyond. My work is in demand from a whole range of businesses and organisations in both the public and private sectors.

For example:

  • I created a number of very large seascapes to fill the large dining area of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute Lounge at the Earls Court International Boat Show.
  • Cranfield University has a triptych of my wild seascapes
  • PMC Treasury London bought five of my 'boat' collages to enliven their offices and boardroom. "The boldness and structure of Sally's lovely artworks give light and spirit to our working environment," commented their Managing Director, Michael Pearce.

Collages at P.M.C Financial Services, Berkhamsted, Herts

Some of my collages and charcoal work at Lyme Bay Dental Practice, Lyme Regis

My Large Seascape 'Wild Wave On Rocks', Lyme Bay Dental Practice

'The Lone Seagull', Lyme Bay Dental Practice

My seascapes at Cranfield University

'The Sweep of the Bay', Lyme Bay Dental Practice, Lyme Regis

I find my large sea paintings and colourful collages and mixed media work popular with business managers because they brighten the relatively colourless corporate environment. These bold dynamic pieces help to enliven dull offices, corridors and reception areas.

My subject matter is often boats and men at work, because this gives interest, bright blocks of colour and structure. In late May 2004, for example there were over 300 men working in shifts round the clock at Tring station in Hertfordshire near where I live. I did a number of pieces which were inspired by my many visits to the railway. As an artist I found the shapes, angles, colour and work exciting and worthy of recording. Train operators please note!

Dragon's Mouth Waterfall

Mixed media/collage on paper.

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